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deliciously multilingual
Hi guys, I've pretty much dropped off the face of LJ but I return to tell you that I've momentarily returned to the translation/subbing world to bring you softsubs/hardsubs of Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de. I've started up subbing again because this drama has proved pretty entertaining and also because apparently the group hardsubbing it requires you to pass some kind of test in order to get access to their files? (Correct me if I'm wrong) 

You can find the subs either on D-addicts or you can get updates on our tumblr.

Note: softsubs are usually timed to whatever's out on D-addicts, not whatever's floating around on LJ. After the softsubs are released for people who really, really can't wait, we take the softsubs and mux them into hardsubs several days later for people who are particular about HD/fancy fonts.
16th-Sep-2010 08:41 pm - Hard to say I love you ~Iidasenakute~
Weaver Color
Here's my translation of "Hard to say I love you ~Iidasenakute~" by WEAVER. You may recognize it as the theme song from the drama "Sunao ni Narenakute," starring Eita and Ueno Juri.

I've translated it so that you can sing the English words along with the melody. Please enjoy!

Music Video, and words in Japanese, romaji, and EnglishCollapse )

Also, if you like WEAVER, there are more translations (and lots of other things) over at weavermusic.
11th-Feb-2010 07:28 pm(no subject)
Hi everyone, I just wanted to drop a message and say (for certain reasons) that I will no longer be posting my song translations here. I will be posting all of them in my personal LJ arrowofpain. I do not lock translation entries so feel free to friend me if you're interested :) I don't have that much free time but I will continue to translate songs from time to time. Anyway, thank you to everyone who has commented on my translations over the years <3
26th-Dec-2009 11:18 am - Kanjani8- Yuki wo Kudasai
AHHHH so going to be late for the bounenkai for work (yes, it's in the afternoon XD;;)

I was stuck on a line when I wrote this out yesterday...and then it came to me in the middle of the night XD (yes, when I do song translations, they haunt me)

Kanjani8- Yuki wo KudasaiCollapse )

Please let me know of any errors/typos :)
24th-Dec-2009 09:13 pm - Kanjani8- Minus 100do no Koi
Kanjani8- Minus 100do no KoiCollapse )

Please tell me of any errors/typos. :)
25th-Nov-2009 08:57 pm - Kanjani8- Fuyu Koi
Not totally suuurreee about the lyrics here (got them off a Japanese fan's blog); tried my best but my rip of this song ain't the best and the bridge isn't that clear XDD Could possibly be errors but enjoy for now! :)

AHHHHH and I looooovvvvvveeeeee this songgg XDDD

Kanjani8- Fuyu KoiCollapse )

EDIT 09.12.23: fixed the kanji and tweaked the translation appropriately :)
25th-Oct-2009 11:40 am - Kanjani8- Ichibyou KISS
Kanjani8- Ichibyou KISSCollapse )

Now for the LOL translation moment of the week:

"Couldn't be docile that the transient everyday kept leaving"


That's from this line in Japanese: 素直になれなくて去って行った儚い毎日

Anyway, everyone healthy? The flu's going around everywhere. I have a bit of a cold but am okay (feeling better today). Take care everyone.
18th-Oct-2009 09:54 pm - Kanjani8- Hitotsu no Uta
This is a DRAFT!!! (Normally I would never do this, lol, but this song is different...)

Hitotsu no UtaCollapse )
6th-Oct-2009 09:11 pm - Kanjani8- Rolling Coaster
I really want to translate the whole album. But they'll probably have another album out before I do that. And yes, I don't expect their next album until 2011.

Rolling Coaster (Live @ Tokyo Dome)

(^Truly the superior version of this song, it was meant to be played live)

Kanjani8- Rolling CoasterCollapse )
23rd-Sep-2009 11:07 pm - Kanjani8- Puzzle
i wrote this out for someone, I hope that person reads it.

Kanjani8- PuzzleCollapse )

EDIT: 09.09.27 for serious fail. I'm sorry everyone.
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