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deliciously multilingual
Since kind of getting back into JE, I've seen some of the fangirl "translations" out there and I almost want to cry. It almost makes me want to go back into translating songs. Does anyone still read this community? :\

It's like, don't translate if you don't know Japanese plz. I'm not saying my translations are good or even accurate, but at least I've studied Japanese grammar and I know sentence structure and shit. Maybe it's just me, but half of those translations don't even make sense when you read them. It's just choppy English...but that's what happens when you literally translate Japanese to English.

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Haderu Mune Kyun
I've translated two more jealkb songs!

Behind the cut you'll find "Nageki no Endless" and "Fly," both of which I translated so that you can sing them along with the melody. I worked hard on them and even added a little rhyme, and I think they came out alright. I'm also posting youtube links to the PV's to each of these songs. If you've got some free time, check 'em out!

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9th-Mar-2009 08:43 pm(no subject)
Haderu Mune Kyun

For the last year or so my favorite band has definitely been jealkb, but sadly they're not terribly well known yet, and those people who do know them assume they're totally a joke, because all the members are also comedians... but actually they're quite serious about their visual-kei band! Anyway, if you've never heard of 'em, please check them out once! I'm including a youtube link to the PV of one of the songs I'm posting (lyrics are posted in English only).

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By the way, I absolutely take requests (although I might take a while due to lots of stress with work lately) as long as it's from a group that I already listen to... in JE that includes KanJani, Arashi, KinKi, V6, Tokio, and SMAP. As for other Japanese groups... well, I listen to a lot; go ahead and try me. :)
I was forced to go to went to a KAT-TUN concert at the Tokyo Dome.

DL @ Mediafire

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25th-Apr-2008 09:23 pm - Once Again
Totally subject to editing/deletion. No romaji this time, if anyone wants it, leave a comment and I'll edit it in.

DL Once Again @ SS

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Kinki: Dots: chillin'
Long time no see! It's been a pretty hectic year for me but Dots' new solo work has brought me out from under the rock.
Let me just say this, "I and Ai" is fucking BANGIN'. This is -I daresay- his greatest release as of yet. You can tell he's done his share of experimentation and is going more for a more heavily electronic sound this time around. And I love that blipity-blip shit.

Anyway, first song on the roster is Shinku na SEPPUN, which is my favorite track on the album on first listen. I can sense some industrial influences in this and it's really hot. Of course, Dots puts in lots of art school type lyrics in it to keep us interested.

Here is my theory on the who I and Ai(愛) business.
In Japanese, the english word "Love" can be equivocated to either Ai(愛) or Koi(恋). Even though most people use the word Ai for their screen names or Japanglish talk, in reality our Western concept of 'love' is more accurately Koi rather than Ai. Koi is specifically for romantic love whereas Ai is a more open-ended 'universal' love that extends to inanimate objects, platonic love, etc. Ai is associated with the concept of "amae" or the passive reception of love that forms the basis of some of the strongest human bonds.
I theorize that Dots is not only using the english word "I" as a homonym, but also using the english meaning of "I" as a single conscious entity when referring to "Ai", personifying love and also making the relationship with him and whomever he's singing about a single "love" entity.

Okay enough of that let's get on to the song.

The torrents for this album are up on Jpopsuki so I highly recommend you go and pirate them. You should of course support Dots if you have money to spend but tbh the whole putting out 3 different slightly different versions of the same 15 songs is lame and you should fight the system. Yes I'm encouraging piracy. Use all that money you saved to go see him in concert and buy all his weird concert goods.

If you guys want any other songs from this album or the single translated, scans or links to scans of the lyrics pages would be very helpful! I happened to find a transcription of this particular song so I was lucky.

If you want to preview this song you can listen to it on my muxtape
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2nd-Mar-2008 11:10 pm - Sho Sakurai- Hoshi ni Naru Made
Mmm, I shouldn't listen to wedding songs...kanji/romaji may not be 100% accurate but I did my best. I just copied the kanji off some blog and corrected it as much as I could. Would appreciate if you let me know if you find any errors. :)

DOWNLOAD Sho Sakurai- Hoshi ni Naru Made on SendSpace (Radio rip but decent quality)

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2nd-Jan-2008 08:56 pm - Butoukan- Now and forever
Not official lyrics (see note at the bottom) but this is my new favorite song. If only JE would debut this group and stop wasting time with stuff like Hey! Say! JUMP...

Butoukan- Now and Forever on SendSpace

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Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year. 今年もよろしくお願いします!
23rd-Dec-2007 07:16 pm - Arashi- Still...
I've had this lying around for awhile, I finally finished it...

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I need a song to translate...
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