April 7th, 2006


[Arashi][Lyrics] Sho and Ohno - Oretachi no Song

Requested by tiinadoll :D
Seriously, if you guys request things I'll probably do them. I think I'm getting back into my translation groove!!

I did a table this time so you can read what they say side by side and LOL. It's songs like these that prove to me again and again that Arashi rocks the hardest. Although I wish Sho would review the proper usage of particles because I know for a fact Ohno had no hand in the English parts.

This is from a really awsome Sho and Ohno fanart site I found (although I think she makes Ohno wayyy too girly but hey, whatever floats your boat.) You can check out the other awesomeness over here.

I bring you the fancams of this song from both Sho and Ohno's concert. Originally upped by seraphik over in arashi_on I upped it here just in case you haven't seen it yet (srsly, go join arashi_on right now, you're missing out on so many rare filez.).


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