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deliciously multilingual
Kanjani8- Puzzle 
23rd-Sep-2009 11:07 pm
i wrote this out for someone, I hope that person reads it.

眠れない夜はいつも 古いアルバムを開く
無邪気な顔で笑ってる ぼくらがいる
On the nights I can’t sleep, I always open my old photo album
We’re there, smiling innocently

これは何年前だろう 堀江公園のサクラ
初めて喧嘩した夜も この場所だったな
I wonder how many years ago this was
The cherry blossoms at Horie Park
The night we had our first fight was at this place, wasn’t it

近づいてるの? 遠ざかってるの?
The dream you held onto back then
Are you near it? Are you far away from it?

さよなら 迷いなきあの日よ
Goodbye to the day where I had no doubts
Someday we’ll be able to meet again, right?

「東通りで3時頃」 待ち合わせはいつもそこ
電車は街をくぐり抜け 淀川越えて
両手を広げ堂々と そびえ立つ太陽の塔
記念に買ったあのパズル 昨日のようだね
“Around 3 o’clock at Higashi Doori” (1) we always met there
The train passes through the city, crossing the Yodogawa (2)
I spread both of my hands majestically, the Sun Tower towers over everything (3)
That puzzle I bought in memory [of us], it seems like it was just yesterday, doesn’t it?

探しているよ 手を借りしてくれ
I’m looking for the one piece of the puzzle I lost
Help me

さよなら 迷いなきあの日よ
探してる 足りないピースを
ひとりじゃ とても無理だよ
Goodbye to the day where I had no doubts
Someday I want to meet you again
I'm looking for the missing piece
I can't find it alone

さよなら 迷いなきあの日よ
いつの日か また会いに行く
探してる 足りないピースを
探してる この東京で
Goodbye to the day where I had no doubts
Someday I'll go meet you again
I’m looking for the missing piece
I’m looking in this Tokyo (4)

眠れない夜はいつも 古いアルバムを開く
無邪気な顔で笑ってる みんながいる
On the nights I can’t sleep I always open my old photo album
Everyone’s there, smiling innocently



(1)- Higashi Doori (lit. East Street) is a famous [?] shopping street in Osaka.
(2)- The Yodogawa (lit. Yodo River) is a river that runs through Osaka and flows into Osaka Bay.
(3)- I think the “Sun Tower” is that tower on Higashi Doori, it’s a pretty famous symbol of Osaka (sorry, can’t remember the name now and yes, I used to live in Osaka =X)
(4)- I just love the brilliance of the lyrics here; all the places mentioned thus far are famous symbols of Osaka and then the singer mentions searching for the missing piece in Tokyo where he ash presumably moved to.

EDIT: 09.09.27 for serious fail. I'm sorry everyone.
27th-Sep-2009 05:04 am (UTC)
even that I'm not the one that u wrote it for...
thank u! this is one of my favroite songs of k8 *-*
4th-Oct-2009 05:23 am (UTC)
it's a beautiful song <333 thank you so much for the translation!
4th-Oct-2012 12:36 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for the translation.. i love this song <3
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