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deliciously multilingual

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We now have FAQs! Plz read.

Formerly honyakukonyaku.
Now, a collective between top-notch translators (lol okay so maybe a bunch of my friends who are at least Level 2 or better) who don't translate often enough to have our own site/community but who still want to put their translations out there to bring you all the best in primarily (but not limited to!) JE related lyrics/articles/scanalations/media.

Our philosophy is: To provide the best translations that emphasizes flow and ease-of-comprehension over literal translations, while providing adequate footnotes for those who are interested in cultural/linguistic nuances. Also, we want to give you relevant files of whatever it is we translate so you're not just looking at a bunch of text. Quality over quantity, people!

We'd be more than delighted to welcome any other translator to our den of evil happy group, in fact we are looking fo good translators that specialize in JE translations or whatever to join us. Just drop us a comment or click on the little ohmiya down below.



For a list of previously done translations please look in the ever growing list of links I'm compiling here, which includes translations made by some of our translators before they joined Honyaku. It's kept pretty much up to date although there are times when it's not.

Please make your requests in appropriately labelled requests entries, not randomly in the translation entries. It makes it easier for me to keep track of requests. Also, if you are requesting something it would help me immensely if you give me a scan/text of the lyrics in Japanese, not romanji. If you're requesting a single then you don't have to because I have my own means of finding those lol.

Please notify us of reposting in this community, NOT in our private journals.

Requests are currently open HERE.


naniwa_ Special Kanjani 8 scans and translations
in_to_you My girl hitori_asobi's translations, new and improved!

Just remember, folks...

noesunexito boyz_kure __aishuu peachevening mikan_purin_ame debbie_chan smiledayo naniwa_elle chuu_girlarrowofpain roler pink_endlicheri atrandum
We Like to Put Faces to UserNames

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